Warranty Service

User can install the product by themselves. The company have warranty as follows:
  1) Zircon UPS products have a warranty of 2 years.
  2) AVS products have a warranty of 1 year.
The organization will repair defective products within the warranty period without any charge. To consult and solve the problem you can call the company by phone or by fax. Eaton Power
Supply and Power Ware
  1) Series 3, Series 5, and Series 9 USP, user can manually install it by themselves. The organization will guarantee the product for one to two years, this also include the battery.
If the user needs consultation with the company, user can call the company by phone or
by fax.
  2) Series 9 from 5KVA and above will be installed by the experience engineer of the  organization.
  3) Organization will give warranty the products as following:
    a) 2 years of warranty for PW5115 (500VA-1,400VA), PW5115RW (500VA-1,500VA), PW5125 (1kVA-2.2kVA), PW5125RM (1kVA-3kVA), PW5140 (6kVA/6kW), PW9120 (700VA-6kVA), PW9125 (700VA-6kVA), PW9170 (3kVA-18kVA)
    b) 1 years of warranty for PW9150 (8kVA-15kVA), PW9305 (705kVA-80kVA), PW9340 (80kVA-130kVA), PW9330 (10kVA-40kVA), PW9315 (3kVA-750kVA)
The organization will send the employees of the organization to check the status of the USP every 6 months or 2 times within one year. For the product PW9150, PW9305, PW9340, PW9330, and PW9315, each time the employees will check the UPS, the battery, and the surrounding at the installation of the UPS. The report of the maintenance will be send back to the organization after checking. The organization will change or fix any pieces of the product that found to be broken, if the product is broken and damaged by natural causes while using without fees. The organization prepare employees that will handle cases in series of 5*8 hours, and 7*24 hours. Guests can choose the type of help accordingly to their will. The organization will try to fix the UPS and return it to its normal condition as soon as possible.
Service End Warranty Period
  1) After repairing damaged products.
  2) Consumers can extend the warranty period by buying optional package.
  3) The organization will allow the consumers to rent a USP if there is a incident and must be replaced immediately.
Eaton and Power Supplies
  1) Maintenance contract after expiring, the organization will be focusing on
    a) Focusing on establishing a full maintenance contract of the UPS that have a size of 3 KVA - 4000 KVA. There will be an option full maintenance contract that focus on the checkup of the UPS, every 4 months, 3 times a year. There will no fees for additional equipments and battery.
    b) Preventative maintenance contract, will be the checkup of the UPS every 4 months, 3 times a year, this does not include the fees for equipments and batteries.
  2) In the case that customers would like a pre call service from the organization, the organization will charge the customers per one hour of service received. The fees of the service (by hours) will include the transportation cost but will not include the equipments and materials cost. The price will be accordingly to the size of the customer UPS. If the customer is outside the Bangkok area, an additional fee of 1000 Baht will occur.
  3) If the customer's’ product warranty already had ended, there will be a door to door and a trade in service for UPS that have a size of 1 KVA up to 300 KVA. Customers can also buy warranty packages to extend the warranty time. In the case that the UPS encounters a problem, the organization will allows the customer to rent the organization’s UPS.
Warranty and Service Condition
  1) The product warranty is only valid if the buyer completes the message and sends the warranty back to the company after buying the product.
  2) The company only warranty the parts that are inside the UPS, accordingly to the warranty period, which will counts after the date of purchase.
  3) Everytime the customers would like to use their warranty, customers must show their national identity card every time to the employees.
  4) In the case that the UPS is broke and does not seems like it is cause by the machine itself such as:
    a) Damage caused by fire, water, and other natural disasters.
    b) Damage caused by riots or sabotage.
    c) Damage due to the ignorance of machine users.
    d) Damage caused by moving the machine.
    e) Damage caused by modification.