VA is a power measurement unit for non-linear electrical loads. For example, a computer and a 17 inches color monitor are operated at 220 V and used the electrical current of 1.5 A. So the power will be 220 x 1.5 = 330 VA.

Load are electrical accessories that are attached to the UPS.

Microprocessor control is a UPS that use microprocessor in order to control the work. It can prevent many electrical problems faster and more accurate compared to normal UPS. However, if the technology of the product is not up to standard or the microprocessor have a low quality, UPS will be unstable and hang.

Backup time or runtime is the duration that the UPS can distribute the power supply to devices when there is an electrical surge such as blackout. It is calculate in minutes. If the power supply (in minutes) reach zero on the UPS display, the UPS will not be able to distribute the power supply to the devices anymore.

DC Start is a system in the UPS that will turn on without the need of the plug connection. The device will turn on by using its own battery.

No load shutdown is a qualification of the UPS which will turn off itself when there is a blackout. This is in order to distribute the power to the most important devices and save the most battery. However, devices that need a stable electrical current might be damaged.

Automatic voltage stabilizer is an equipment that control the pressure of the electrical current. UPS will control the household electrical current at 220V most of the time.

Surge protection is a system that is use to prevent high pressure electrical current. We call this surge protection, which will stop the threats that might happen from the current that could break devices.

Hot swappable battery is a UPS style that allows user to swap the battery immediately without turning off the devices such as computers. However, it should be safe and up to standard.